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Timeshare Exchange Programs and Network

MembersTrade is a timeshare exchange company enabling point and timeshare owners to connect with other timeshare owners to exchange, rent and sell your timeshare, points and mileage programs.

About MembersTrade

About MembersTrade®

MembersTrade® believes in the power of owner connection and timeshare networking services.

Recent decline in the real estate market and economic slowdown has impacted the fractional vacation ownership and time share market, resulting in excess inventory. Most resort companies have reformed their vacation programs in favor of a points based product instead of perpetual deeded ownership.

MembersTrade® is here to help owners by providing a market place for their unused time and points. By offering the best site for resort resales, this gateway guides you on how to manage your properties, how and where to buy timeshares, how and where to sell fractional home ownership, and allows for owner to owner negotiations. MembersTrade® is ideal for individuals looking to rent timeshare from owners whose properties include brand-name first class resort time shares and vacation club memberships, and who participate in points and timeshare exchange programs.

The benefits of a points based program enables you to trade your annual allocation for accommodations at a variety of in-network resorts with flexible dates. MembersTrade®, a timeshare exchange company, exceeds the standards for timeshare exchange and timeshare resale companies by providing more variety of trading options to meet your leisure needs.

Enrolling in MembersTrade® provides you the best option to participate in a fractional timeshare vacation exchange network with maximum benefits.

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